Dreamland Resort is located on the north shore of the Trent River at the east end of Rice Lake.
The resort is only 4 km west of Hastings.
When you see this sign, continue west 350 meters on River Road.
The Dreamland Resort entrance is on the south side of River Road.
Power and water sites are available at the east end of the resort for overnight, weekend, and weekly campers.
The overnight/weekend sites are close to the beach, children's playground, volleyball court, and horseshoe pits.
A dump station was added to the overnight camping area in 2021.
The Riverview Trail parallels most of the resort waterfront.
Stroll or cycle along the Riverview Trail.
Docks are available for your boat or jet ski.
Winter boat storage is free for seasonal residents at Dreamland Resort who pay for a dock the following season.  (Boats that are stored for the winter and removed from the park in the spring are subject to a $200 storage fee.)
Enjoy the heated pool from Mid-May/Early June until the Labour Day weekend. An 'Adults Only' time is scheduled each day.
Enjoy the water slide at the beach.
The beach area was expanded in 2021.
Enjoy a full range of waterfront activities at Dreamland Resort including boating, water skiing, fishing, etc.
Enjoy fishing on the Trent River  and nearby Rice Lake.  Several species are available including walleye, largemouth and smallmouth bass, crappie and muskie.
This Rice Lake muskie was caught in 2021.
Clean and prepare your catch at our fish cleaning hut.   A freezer is provided to dispose of the carcasses.
Children will enjoy our certified Henderson playground.
Pea gravel under the swing set provides a safer shock absorbing base.
A Beach Volleyball court is available in the east playground area.
Horseshoe tournaments are a regular event at Dreamland Resort.  The horseshoe pits were upgraded in 2020/2021.
A set of dart boards were added in 2020.
Keep in shape at the upgraded fitness area.  (A pea gravel base has been added for safety.)  Sports 'rink' in the background.
Our paved 'rink' is available for basketball, road hockey, and other activities requiring a paved surface.
The games room is also used for movie nights for our younger guests.
The air conditioned and heated 4800 square foot recreation hall is the hub for many activities at Dreamland Resort.
Join us for "Halloween in August".  Summer homes are decorated, children and adults dress in costumes, and the trick-or-treating begins.
A recycling program is in effect and is enforced.  The composting team of pigs and chickens will be happy to take your leftover corn cobs, vegetables, etc.
Meet our composting team.  Each year a couple of pigs are happy to improve our environment by composting your vegetable peelings, corn cobs, etc.
The Lang-Hastings Trail (part of the Trans-Canada Recreational Trail) runs  through Dreamland Resort.  In 2012 the trail was upgraded and widened all the way from Hastings to Peterborough (33 km).
Previous visitors will notice a significant improvement to the trail running east from Dreamland Resort towards  Hastings.  The Trans Canada Trail will eventually run 23,000 km. from the Atlantic to the Pacific to the Arctic.
Over 1000 trees and thousands of hedge shrubs have been planted at Dreamland Resort since 1998.  Go to the Development History page on this site to see the transition from a farmer's field to the resort you see today.
The Dreamland Resort antique boat show participants passing through the lock at Hastings.
Seasonal residents of Dreamland Resort have donated an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) for use in case of emergency.
The AED is available 24/7. In an emergency, sound three 2-second blasts on a car horn or air horn in a 10 second period..repeat until help arrives. Park staff and/or seasonal residents will respond, ensure 911 is called, retrieve the AED if required, and direct emergency response staff to your site.
A Canada Post box is located at the front entrance.  Seasonal residents can receive mail and parcels delivered directly to the resort.  (Check for box availability with the Hastings Post Office.)
Move to Dreamland for the summer and work from the resort. Wireless high-speed internet is available.  All sites are within 250 to 500 metres of a primary Ruralynx transmitter, with an on-site repeater for hard to reach sites.  Other providers are also available.

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