The process of improving the facilities at Dreamland Resort has been a continuous process since the opening of the park in 1998.

Resort management continues to uphold the highest standards in resort living.  (Nothing less is acceptable.)

This page provides a look forward to upcoming changes, and a partial history of changes over the years.


The beach area was upgraded with a new retaining wall, steps into the water, and a slide.  Pea gravel was added to the swimming area.

Shock absorbing pea gravel was installed under the swings in the playground area.

A portion of the open-air picnic pavillion was enclosed to provide a games room.  


The boat storage area was expanded.  Dreamland Resort provides winter boat storage to seasonal site holders at no additional cost.


An overnight camping area with serviced sites was added to the resort.  


The 4800 square foot recreation hall/banquet facility opened.  


The children's playground was upgraded with certified Henderson equipment.  A Henderson outdoor fitness area was added at the same time.


The scenic waterfront pathway running the length of the resort was completed.


The original picnic pavillion was completed.   Prior to the completion of the recreation hall in 2007, this provided a covered area for pot luck dinners, etc.

Farmland prior to the beginning of Dreamland Resort in 1998.


A water trampoline was added to the beach swimming area.

Shock absorbing pea gravel was installed in the fitness complex at the west end of the resort.


A new Iceberg Climbing Wall was added at the beach area, several overnight camping sites for group camping (with power and water) were added in the beach/playground area, the boat storage area was expanded, and two new docks were installed.  A beach volleyball court was added in the beach/playground area.  A 'pool basketball' hoop was added to the pool.  The Lang-Hastings hiking trail through the park was widened and upgraded with limestone screenings all the way from Hastings to Peterborough.  

1998 - 2016    Adding Trees - From a Farmer's Field to a First Class Resort

As late as the mid 90s, the waterfront currrently occupied by Dreamland Resort was farmland.  Converting these fields into a vibrant resort has required the planting of over 1000 trees, and thousands of hedge shrubs.  

Click on any of the photos below to begin a slide show which shows this transformation in words and pictures.

As late as 1996 the land currently occupied by Dreamland Resort was being farmed.  Only a few trees were growing along the shoreline.
Pine trees were planted at the future entrance to Dreamland Resort in 1998.
By 2007 the trees at the resort entrance had begun to mature.
The entrance trees have now fully matured.
By 2000, the resort development was well underway.  Each lot included a new tree, but it would take a few years for them to mature.
Many of the  trees in Phase 1 of the resort  have fully developed to provide shade on the sites.
In 2000, young pine trees were being planted around the perimeter of the resort.
This view looks west from the playground towards the resort in 2001.  Privacy pines have been planted on the berm and young maple trees have been planted at the horseshoe pits.
The row of pines between the playground and the resort have  fully matured, and the maple trees provide shade to the horseshoe pits.
In 1999 the first row of pines to provide a privacy screen between the resort and River Road were planted.
By 2007 this privacy screen was beginning to provide the desired result.
This row of pines has fully matured and now completely blocks the view from River Road and the Lang-Hastings Trail into the resort.
In 2000, the future Lang-Hastings Trail through the resort was still an old railway right of way being used as a petting zoo.
The Lang-Hastings Trail opened in 2013.  More than 200 trees have been planted by Dreamland Resort on both sides of the trail to enhance the trail and provide a privacy barrier between the trail and the resort.
In most of the resort, hedges have been planted to mark the boundary between lots.
Decorative boundary hedges are also used along many of the resort roads.
By 2005, trees and hedges were begining to enhance the environment on Eric's Lane.
The trees on Eric's Lane have  fully developed.  The resort was expanded from east to west between 2000 and 2006.  The western lots in the resort are now beginning to see the benefits of the tree planting program.
By 2016 the trees on Emily Ave. at the western end of the resort were providing shade at the sites.
Pine and maple trees have been planted to separate sites in the waterfront park at the east end of the resort.
In 2001 almost 100 trees were planted along the edge of River Road.
By 2007 these River Road trees were begining to provide a barrier between the road and the area of the resort being developed for overnight camping.
These trees have matured and the privacy barrier is now complete.
In 2007 the planting of trees in and around the new overnight camping area had been completed.
The trees in and around the overnight camping area had  matured considerably by 2013.
By 2016 the overnight camping trees were providing considerable shade at the sites.  In 2021 these sites were transitioned to full service seasonal sites.

The Recreation Hall was expanded to 5900 square feet and improved disabled access was added at the front entrance.


A new cottage in the private park at the eastern end of Dreamland Resort became available for weekly, monthly, or longer rentals.  Please click on the 'Cottage Rental' link for further information.

The main parking lot at the Recreation Hall was paved.  Limited WiFi became available in the office area and Recreation Hall.
Each year has also seen upgrades and improvements to the infrastructure of the resort.  Scroll down this page to see how the resort has grown and expanded over the years.  2018 saw an upgrade to the UV water purification system and the addition of a new 'picnic raft' at the beach.

Several improvements were made for the 2021 season.  The Snack Shack was added to the Trans Canada Trail near the pool, a chicken coop was added to the Farm Animal area, the beach was expanded, and a dump station was added to the overnight camping area.